Touch Products

NO cost
Produces Non-Dues Revenue
Touch-screen technology
Cost effective advertising


NO cost
Produces Non-Dues Revenue
Custom Built
Holds brochures, business cards and publications

Digital Signage

No cost
Produces non-dues revenue
Custom sizing & install
Reduced footprint

Touch by Profile Display

No foot traffic? No problem. We know you still need a cost effective way to get your members or local businesses noticed. It’s a proven fact that visitors search on-line first before leaving their home or office. Web-based on line marketing is what business owners are looking for.

A web-based, touch screen kiosk hits visitors when they are most receptive.  Rotating, full color advertisements really attract a lot of attention to the 23” touch screen computer in your office area. It can be included on your custom built information and resource display for a comprehensive resource area, or displayed prominently anywhere staff and visitors can help themselves. All at NO cost to you.

Not only is this an attractive resource for your office, but ALL the same information is on line, available through an exclusive “touch” website.  Anyone searching on a computer, tablet or even a smart phone will find detailed information about members or local businesses. Members or local businesses will be featured on the touch screen with high impact, full color advertisements and this program includes the latest technology like QR codes, Google directions and e-coupons.  This is NOT a Chamber or CVB website, but it is intended as another outlet for on-line marketing.  All successful businesses look for multiple ways to reach their customers and “Touch” is a great way to do just that.

With nearly unlimited advertising potential, your web-based, touch screen kiosk will generate thousands in non-dues revenue. Your new web-based touch screen computer is sure to become the go-to resource tool for the entire community. Revenue from your kiosk can impact your budget starting as soon as next quarter. Contact us now to get started!

Custom Built Information Displays

Are you ready to make a GREAT first impression? The Chamber’s office or CVB is often the first stop for many visitors to a community. We design and build custom Visitor Information displays and offer them at NO cost to qualified Chambers and Visitors Centers. A custom built information display, prominently placed in your office, is an essential way of informing visitors, potential newcomers and members about local businesses and community events.

We examine the space we can work with and the architecture of the building to determine the most effective and attractive way to design a display. We can use hardwoods, glass, stains and colors in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. If a client can conceive it, we can build it. Before construction, we provide a line drawing of the display to present for approval.

Features we can incorporate:

  • Business card holders
  • Brochure holders
  • QR codes
  • LCD Screens
  • Merchandise Showcases
  • Newspaper shelves
  • Storage

Include a touch screen kiosk on your custom built information display as a means to reach every visitor and potential customers when they are most attentive to your message

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a powerful and effective way to promote your members and engage with your visitors. With its eye-catching graphics and modern design, our digital displays can help you stand out! Your members can advertise their products and services, promote events, and attract new customers, all at no cost to you! Our solutions are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them to suit your specific needs and size requirements.

How We Do It

Exclusively serving Chamber of Commerce’s, CVB’s & Visitor Centers
Produces Non-Dues Revenue
Turn Key Service
Make a GREAT first impression