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A Few of Our Partners


Donna S. Tucker

The Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce & Tourist Information Center

To Whom It May Concern:

The Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce & Tourist Information Center has partnered with Profile Display for 20 years, and we have valued our great working relationship with them.  They provide us with custom-built displays at absolutely no cost to us ever. They even moved our display to our new location at no cost.  They provide a medium for our members to get extra exposure by producing ads for them on our displays.  Profile Display is very professional, and they handle it all!  This ranges from calling our members to producing the ads and even making sure the ads are just the way the members want them before they send on to our Chamber.  All  we have to do is place the ads on the display.  They even do no cost digital kiosks for those who want them.  As President/CEO for over 23 years, I would definitely recommend working with Profile Display with no hesitation! 


Donna S. Tucker

Michelle Kreutzer

The Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

Dear Potential Chamber or CVB,

I am writing this recommendation letter regarding Profile Display and their no-cost display and web based touchscreen kiosk program.  They have provided The Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce with a beautiful information display and a touchscreen kiosk in our office and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.  I have been working with Profile Display for 2 years now.  They are excellent to work with.  They also pay us non-due revenue income yearly by sending a commission check on the ad sales. 

Their staff has great customer service and wonderful follow up as well.  If you have any additional questions or clarifications regarding Profile Display, please feel free to contact me through the contact information below.


Michelle Kreutzer, Executive Director

Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

850 Beaver Grade Road

Suite 101

Moon Township, PA 15108